Sky Academy Arts Scholarships Theatre & Comedy


Age range:

What you win

  • £30,000 / €40,000 towards the creation of an artistic project and the cost of living for one year
  • Mentoring from senior Sky staff and a senior individual from the arts industry
  • Support from a dedicated artist manager
  • Wider development support from Sky (marketing, budgeting, PR etc)
  • A short film about their project and practice


Stage 1: All applicants in each category will be assessed by two professionals working in that area of the arts industry

Stage 2: Successful applicants in each category will then be judged by the Ambassadors, senior professionals working in each area of the arts industry

Stage 3: Successful applicants will then be invited to a telephone interview with the Sky Academy team

Stage 4: The short list will be invited to interview at Sky in West London or Dublin.  The panel will include the Ambassadors and senior Sky representatives. 


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Sky Academy Arts Scholarships, run in partnership with Hiive, provide financial support and mentoring for five talented young artists aged 18-30 from across the UK and Ireland.  The aim of the scholarships is to give young people the time, space and money they need to develop their creative practice and unlock their potential.


Each artist will receive £30,000/€40,000 towards the development of an artistic project and the cost of living for one year, along with mentoring from senior Sky staff and professionals from the arts industry.  Four scholarships will be awarded to artists from the UK and one scholarship will be awarded to an artist living in Ireland.


Artists are invited to apply with a project idea under one of the following categories: Visual Art, Theatre and Comedy, Music, Dance, Film and Creative Producing.  You can apply with either a written or filmed application providing answers to all questions are included in the submission.


Since 2011, Sky Academy Arts Scholarships have supported brilliant young artists from a range of artistic disciplines, from jazz drummers to dancers, to shadow puppeteers, allowing them to develop new artistic projects including solo visual art exhibitions and an award winning play at the Edinburgh Fringe, to the creation of a new music charity that puts on classical music concerts in unexpected places and a theatre company that tells stories without boundaries.

How to apply


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  • Hi. My name's Chris Daley I was just wondering at roughly what date the phone interviews will be and when the shortlist will be announced?


    avatar , , 21/04/16 , 45 AP

    • Hi Chris, I'm unable to give even a rough date at the moment but as soon as we know it will be announced via our twitter and in the knowledge section of Hiive.

      avatar , , 21/04/16 , 1,259 AP

  • Thanks for your reply Simon.
    Also, I think I submitted my application twice. Is it possible for the earlier one (at around 16h56 I think) to be evaluated?
    Thank you!

    avatar , , 10/03/16 , 131 AP

  • I am not sure whether a proposal for a physical theatre production (working with both actors and dancers), would fall under the Theatre & Comedy category, or the Dance category.

    avatar , , 10/03/16 , 131 AP

    • The judges will move your submission to the correct category if it has been placed in the wrong category.

      avatar , , 10/03/16 , 1,259 AP

  • Hi my name is Hayley konadu and I've just submitted my pitch. However I fear I may have made an spelling error for the link for my profile. Is there possibility I can check or change it :/


    Hayley_Konadu , Actor , 10/03/16 , 1,078 AP

  • Just checking: 'Describe your work in a single sentence': I've answered this according to my specific project proposal; or do you mean a sentence about our work in general?


    Kay Michael , Director , 10/03/16 , 1,661 AP

    • Hi Kay - it's referring to work in general.

      avatar , , 10/03/16 , 1,259 AP

      • Thank you!


        Kay Michael , Director , 10/03/16 , 1,661 AP

      • Thank you!


        Kay Michael , Director , 10/03/16 , 1,661 AP

    • Oops. I did the same, relating it to the specific project proposal. many ways it still counts for my work in general.

      avatar , , 10/03/16 , 131 AP

  • Hi. Trying to put my 5 bullet points into the application but it's turning up red. Do I submit anyway or just cut it down to 100 words instead?


    Nafeesa Hamid , Poet , 10/03/16 , 368 AP

  • Would a project that lasts January 2017-December 2017 be eligible?


    Paul Lichtenstern , Director , 10/03/16 , 221 AP

  • Would a project that lasts January 2017-December 2017 be eligible?


    Paul Lichtenstern , Director , 10/03/16 , 221 AP

  • Is it possible to apply for more than one category, with two separate projects? The likelihood of me getting both is very slim, obviously(!) but there were two things I really wanted looked at. Can I apply for Theatre & Comedy for one thing, and Creative Producing for an entirely different project?

    avatar , , 09/03/16 , 64 AP

  • Hi, In recent years there was a budget component to the application. I have prepared a budget template but I'm wondering if/where to include it? Obviously prefer not to upload it publically. Thanks for the help! M


    Maeve Stone , Director , 09/03/16 , 585 AP


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