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Age range:

What you win

  • £30,000 / €40,000 towards the creation of an artistic project and the cost of living for one year
  • Mentoring from senior Sky staff and a senior individual from the arts industry
  • Support from a dedicated artist manager
  • Wider development support from Sky (marketing, budgeting, PR etc)
  • A short film about their project and practice


Stage 1: All applicants in each category will be assessed by two professionals working in that area of the arts industry

Stage 2: Successful applicants in each category will then be judged by the Ambassadors, senior professionals working in each area of the arts industry

Stage 3: Successful applicants will then be invited to a telephone interview with the Sky Academy team

Stage 4: The short list will be invited to interview at Sky in West London or Dublin.  The panel will include the Ambassadors and senior Sky representatives.


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Sky Academy Arts Scholarships, run in partnership with Hiive, provide financial support and mentoring for five talented young artists aged 18-30 from across the UK and Ireland.  The aim of the scholarships is to give young people the time, space and money they need to develop their creative practice and unlock their potential.


Each artist will receive £30,000/€40,000 towards the development of an artistic project and the cost of living for one year, along with mentoring from senior Sky staff and professionals from the arts industry.  Four scholarships will be awarded to artists from the UK and one scholarship will be awarded to an artist living in Ireland.


Artists are invited to apply with a project idea under one of the following categories: Visual Art, Theatre and Comedy, Music, Dance, Film and Creative Producing.  You can apply with either a written or filmed application providing answers to all questions are included in the submission.


Since 2011, Sky Academy Arts Scholarships have supported brilliant young artists from a range of artistic disciplines, from jazz drummers to dancers, to shadow puppeteers, allowing them to develop new artistic projects including solo visual art exhibitions and an award winning play at the Edinburgh Fringe, to the creation of a new music charity that puts on classical music concerts in unexpected places and a theatre company that tells stories without boundaries.


How to apply


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  • Hi Guys,
    As my EP is not out yet, I submitted a private link to my soundcloud account. Can you just confirm the link works ok and the application is being reviewed?

    Kindest regards

    avatar , , 28/03/16 , 47 AP

  • my portfolio is in the form of written scores. Is that a problem? Would it be better to get audio recordings on my profile? Can i put them up even though I've already submitted?


    James Hedges , Songwriter , 10/03/16 , 64 AP

    • It's totally up to you James as the applicant on what you feel would be best but you could cover both angles by uploading audio files to accompany the scores.

      avatar , , 10/03/16 , 1,259 AP

  • I've just submitted a music application because the project is a musical. However, the outcome will be a staged production, should that have been submitted into the theatre category?


    James Hedges , Songwriter , 10/03/16 , 64 AP

    • Fine to apply via this category. The judges can always move it into another category if they feel it is better suited there.

      avatar , , 10/03/16 , 1,286 AP

      • Fantastic. Also, my portfolio is in the form of written scores. Is that a problem? Would it be better to get audio recordings on my profile? Can i put them up even though I've already submitted?


        James Hedges , Songwriter , 10/03/16 , 64 AP

      • It's totally up to you James as the applicant on what you feel would be best but you could cover both angles by uploading audio files to accompany the scores.

        avatar , , 10/03/16 , 1,259 AP

  • Hi I just submitted my application and it said 'saving' and then the page refreshed and all my responses cleared. I just want to check it was received? Thanks

    avatar , , 10/03/16 , 18 AP

    • There is no submission from you, please re-submit your application. You'll receive an email once your application has been received.

      avatar , , 10/03/16 , 1,259 AP

  • Hi. If we're submitting a filmed application, are we meant to leave Section 2 blank or add text as well? Thanks


    Annie Rew Shaw , Musician/music production , 09/03/16 , 90 AP

  • Hi, It says in the terms and conditions 'applicants may seek additional funding for the project but such funding must not exceed the amount awarded by Sky Academy' and that projects are ineligible if they have sponsorship other than from Sky Academy. It also says that activities taking place before June 2015 will be disqualified.

    I am going to have to find additional funding for my project, so my first question is whether i'm able to start raising the additional funding before June or whether that will disqualify me as it will count as an activity, and whether Arts Council grants count as sponsorship or whether it is ok to apply for an arts council grant alongside the Sky scholarship?

    i was also wondering, after submitting the application, when are we going to hear if we've been shortlisted, and how long after that will we know if we've been long listed, and when will we hear the eventual results? If i don't get a sky scholarship i'm going to have to apply for more funding so am wondering what points i may know this so that i can plan what i am going to do about this!

    Many thanks

    avatar , , 09/03/16 , 4 AP

    • Hi Rachel,

      Yes you can apply for any other funding you want alongside the schoalrship. The only requirement is that Sky is the biggest funder. So, if you are successful you can get funding up to £29,999 as many times as you like.

      The application process will run from April to May and the winners will be announced in June.

      avatar , , 09/03/16 , 1,286 AP

      • Thank you very much. So just to double check its ok to apply for the funding now while the applications are in place, and ok if it comes through before Sky as long as it doesn't go above the sky funding? That won't count as the process happening before June?

        avatar , , 09/03/16 , 4 AP

      • Exactly right

        avatar , , 09/03/16 , 1,286 AP

      • Thanks very much. In this case can i then please check what is counted as starting the project before june? Can planning/fundraising/booking venues all go ahead as long as no performances relating to this funding actually happen before then?

        avatar , , 09/03/16 , 4 AP

  • Hi there, this probably is no big thing but just to check... Ive submitted my application for my project 'Quiet Boy' and realised that the link that Ive added goes to my portfolio rather than the overview for my Hive profile page. Is this ok? Thanks very much..

    avatar , , 08/03/16 , 30 AP

  • Hi, I have tried to submit the application and it simply says "Saving..." and doesn't ever reach a conclusion as to whether it has been saved or not. I've seen someone else have this problem too. Internet connection is good. Please advise what to do! Thanks

    avatar , , 08/03/16 , 47 AP

    • Also now my hiive profile won't load. Other websites working fine. Perhaps there is a lot of traffic? Please advise! Thanks

      avatar , , 08/03/16 , 47 AP

  • Hi there, I have noticed 30% of grading is based on 'our ability to deliver'. How can we prove or show evidence that we can deliver? Is this outlined in the plan, or can we attach separate documents to further support the application? Thank you

    avatar , , 08/03/16 , 38 AP

    • You can attach supporting documents in your Hiive profile and the telephone interviews and panel interviews will allow you to articulate this further if you are successful in reaching those stages

      avatar , , 08/03/16 , 1,286 AP

  • Hello, A question with regards to project outcomes: I'm planning on creating a body of work which will result in an album, if the actual release of the album isn't within the timeframe of the 'project', does the creation/production of the album still count as a worthy outcome for the scholarship? Thank you


    AnnekaJW , Musician/music production , 07/03/16 , 909 AP

    • Yes it does

      avatar , , 07/03/16 , 1,286 AP

      • Just to clarify, I meant creation/music production rather than physical production. Cheers!


        AnnekaJW , Musician/music production , 07/03/16 , 909 AP


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